Targeted Individuals
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Freedom From Electronic Harassment and Gangstalking
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Get Your Life Back. We Can Help.

Who We are

What We Do

We are survivors of electronic harassment. We were near lifeless and almost homeless. From weaponized frequencies to remote drone attacks, we survived.  We are beyond torture from directed energy weapons. Get your life back. We're here to help.
We demystify what's happening to you. We tell you what's bonded onto your skin. We sell natural, organic adhesive removers.  We analyze your situation. We teach you how to you regain your life and regain your freedom, because you matter. You're not alone.

Why Us?

Our solutions are at your fingertips and at your local store. No gimmicks. No expensive products. Just instant relief.
You are sane. You deserve your life back. 

Our Business

Our business is to provide pain relief. We do this by analyzing your unique situation. We write blogs to inform you. We recommend off-the-shelf stuff to stop your pain. We sell organic solvents for skin. Our goal is to help you get your life back.